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Africa Network for Peace and Justice, acronymed ANPeJ, is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in Nigeria and working in Africa through field intervention, relying on evidence-based survey and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts, control violence, protect human rights, promote access to justice and thereby institute a culture of peace that facilitates the orderly and holistic development of communities in Africa.

ANPeJ is an institution engaged in research, training, and education with a view to institutionalizing democratic and conflict resolution and peace building best practices. ANPeJ is affiliated with organizations and working in partnership with individuals in Germany, South Africa and the United States of America.

ANPeJ consists of consultants, researchers, trainers, and interventionists in dispute settlement and resolution and dispute systems design, conflict transformation, peace building, human rights, access to justice, among others.

Founded in 2006 and incorporated in Nigeria as a trusteeship in 2009, ANPeJ assumed the mandate to transform conflict, build peace, safeguard human rights and provide access to justice in Africa through innovative approaches that emphasize joint or collaborative problem solving.

ANPeJ is a membership organization with networks in different zones in Nigeria with plans to establish networks in West Africa and Africa as a whole.Membership of the Network is open to all responsible, reasonable and respected persons from all professions who share the belief, objectives and guiding principles for which the Network is established.

To champion the ethos of peace, security, human rights, justice and democracy that translate into overall universal empowerment and development for the people and communities throughout the continent of Africa and the world over.

To initiate and implement innovative and integrated conflict, peace, and human security interventions rooted in a devotion to social justice and fundamental rights for people who are voiceless, vulnerable or alienated.