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ANPeJ strongly believes that transforming conflict and building peace and facilitating access to justice could start with its own personnel and partners - implying, people who play a part contribution their time, resources and energy.

ANPeJ sincerely invites you to help make a difference, namely:

Make a financial donation

By making a financial donation, you will be part of a growing network of ANPeJ - people committed to transforming communities throughout Africa.

Host an Awareness Event

As a partner or friend of ANPeJ you can host "awareness events" in your home and workplace where your family, friends and community can learn about the impact of conflict in Africa and the world, our principles, practices, and approaches as well as the inspiring work we are doing in Nigeria, and the future work we plan for the West African sub-region and the entire continent of Africa not excluding extant work in other parts of the globe. 

Serve as a Volunteer or Intern

We accept pro bono professional services on a case-by-case basis for our programmes based in Nigeria and other African countries. We also have internship programmes for graduate and undergraduate students at our base in Lagos Nigeria for now.