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Conflict prevention, transformation and Peace-building

  • Community conflict transformation
  • African peace and security architecture
  • Violence control
  • Youth violence
  • Small arms and light weapons
  • Emergency and disaster management
  • Good governance and sustainable development

Peace media

  • Peace radio under Rural Media Network (RUMNET)
  • Media education and training
  • Research and publications on peace media

Media productions

  • Radio, TV, film/cinema
  • Alternative media - theatre, musical shows, concerts, carnivals etc
  • Sports

Peace education and training

  • Capacity building and skills acquisition in conflict and peace building
  • TOT in conflict resolution and peace building

Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR)

  • Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration services for public and private institutions

Good governance and democracy programs

  • Grassroots empowerment action (sensitization and advocacy, education and mobilization)
  • Local government engagement and monitoring
  • Budget tracking
  • Good governance, transparency, accountability and integrity programs
  • Project monitoring, evaluation, and lessons learned reporting
  • Livelihood programs – employment, income generation, skills acquisition, etc

IT and Renewable Energies

  • Information and communication technology
  • Climate Change and Environmental Management
  • Renewable & alternative energy sources – solar, geothermal and wind energies

Research and Publication

  • Youth research
  • Violence research
  • Peace media research
  • Communication research

Consultancy Services

  • Conflict tracking and intervention
  • Peace building and community development
  • ADR Services – Mediators training and mediation services for private and public sector
  • Media and communication – public awareness and outreach, media production (radio/tv, drama, music, sports, media marketing communication
  • Community mobilization and organizing, voter education and election monitoring, grassroots sensitization and advocacy.
  • Strategic advice on crime prevention to companies, institutions and government
  • Advice on reform of criminal justice agencies, particularly police and prisons
  • Policy advice and policy development
  • Specialist research in areas of crime, violence and reconciliation
  • Project management of crime prevention projects
  • Development of educational products (e.g. handbooks) and curricula
  • Educational products in various media - film, print and radio
  • Design and facilitation of workshops and processes of dialogue
  • Provision of trauma counselling and management skills training to organizations and institutions, including integration with medical aid and employee assistance programs
  • Training services