Weak governance is the core cause of business failure. Our generation has been keen witnesses of the farreaching consequences of poor corporate governance practices. Therefore, business management must be anchored on an acute understanding of the values of corporate governance. Also, good corporate governance must take into account the culture and culture change in an organization.

All organizations have cultures. Understanding the nature of culture, being able to distinguish between healthy and toxic organizational cultures, an appreciation of the relationship between culture and performance and the nature of transformation and change will lead ultimately to the practice of good corporate governance.

Corporate governance counts in all emerging market organizations. After all, improving corporate governance means better access to the sources of finance and investment. The main goal of this seminar is to assist participants to attain a well-grounded understanding of the corporate governance concept within the business and its financial environment; become familiar with the ongoing global best practices in corporate governance, and gain a new perspective of the impact of good corporate governance practices in ensuring the efficient management of an organization.
Other Objectives:
The seminar will strive to offer participants the following:
  • An understanding of the principles and practice of corporate governance.
  • Application of the corporate governance principles to both the private and public sectors.
  • Understanding of the approach of regulatory authorities such as the Central Bank, Securities and
    Exchange Commission to corporate governance.
  • Insight into the approach that capital markets take to governance and how this applies to listed
  • The knowledge to articulate the nature of culture, its relationship with corporate governance and the
    techniques to critique different organisational cultures.
  • The know-how to articulate the nature of change and the techniques to critical change on an individual,
    team and organizational level.
  • The knowledge to plan, implement and measure successful culture change.
  • Essentials of Corporate Governance and Tenets of Good Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance concerns in emerging market companies
  • The nature of culture, transformation and change
  • Examining the nexus between organisational financial practices and good corporate governance in private
    and public sector organisations
  • Corporate communication and stakeholder engagement for effective organisational management and
    good corporate governance.
Method of Delivery:

A participant-centred learning approach through facilitation techniques and a variety of case studies taken from realistic business situations.

A round-table workshop format for increased interaction and enhanced critical thinking. Presentations, panel discussion, interactive sessions, case studies, and role play.

For whom
Chief executives, senior executives and managers of banks, Insurance
companies, multinational companies, owners and managers of SMEs,
executives of NGOs, proprietors of educational and health institutions,
directors in public sector organizations and agencies.

A Certificate will be awarded to participants who attend all the modules and fulfil all the requirements of the course.

Course Fee
(Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) only
This fee covers all course materials, tea and lunch.
Up to 10% discount available for multiple nominations and early payment.

Cheque to:
Africa Network for Peace and Justice
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Acc No: 208-751.786.5110
(Please present your slip at the course venue to obtain a receipt of payment)