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We are committed to understanding, monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing the impact of our intervention work in the communities where we operate.

ANPeJ works and collaborates with various institutions and entities: national governments and non-government agencies, the organized private sector, and community- and faith-based organizations (CBOs & FBOs) to design creative and pro-active dispute settlement and management systems which are adopted as strategic platforms for the resolution of disputes between organizations and their various publics as well as between union/staff and management and between management and management through the application of mediation, arbitration and other ADR mechanisms.

The promoters of ANPeJ have had a longstanding consulting relationship with international organizations especially the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United States Aid for International Development (USAID), Heinrich Boell Foundation, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), governmental and private sector institutions, and through these consultancies have assisted national institutions in different African countries. Some of the projects implemented by the ANPeJ team include:

Supporting and advancing peace processes 
In Lagos State we have set up structures, the Inter-Ethnic Forum Council and Conflict Management Forum as platforms for information dissemination, awareness creation and outreach activities as critical sources of public awareness of the peace process, helping to reduce suspicion and rumours that can lead to violence.

Controlling violence 
We are developing for the Niger Delta region a program aimed to control violence and this will involve media production and other field-sensitive mechanisms as credible, trusted and effective and pre-emptive violence control measures.
Attitudinal changes and peace building foundations 
Our community outreach program is aimed to strengthen the people's participation in the democratic process - a key to the maintenance of peace. Effective public awareness and outreach (PAO) program can help to change the way people feel about and relate to other groups in their society especially during periods of conflict.