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ANPeJ pursues its work in cooperation with local organizations in communities to find culturally appropriate means of boosting the capacity of those communities to deal with conflicts constructively. At ANPeJ, we believe strongly that sustaining peace at the community level can make a critical contribution to greater national stability as local disputes have the potential to escalate into major conflicts if left unaddressed.

We are currently working in Nigeria and Ghana and will be taking our work to other West African countries such as Senegal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Rwanda, DR Congo and Cameroon in Central Africa.

Collaborating with partners in Germany, the United States of America and South Africa, we initiate and implement innovative and integrated conflict, peace, and human security interventions rooted in a devotion to social justice and fundamental rights for people who are voiceless, vulnerable or alienated. ANPeJ pursues these goals as central to our aspiration of preventing violent conflict and building sustainable peace and reconciliation in communities throughout Africa, and globally.

Employing innovative tools and working with different segments of society, we engage in a practicable and abiding process of conflict transformation, peace building and access to justice. Our toolbox consists of community organizing, systems design and implementation, training and facilitation, mediation and arbitration, media production – radio, TV, film and print -, sports, theatre, and music.