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ANPeJ as an institution works to create platforms of opportunities for dialogue and communication and improved relationships within communities and across conflict divides, at all social and political levels.

Essentially, ANPeJ acts to prevent and transform conflict into opportunities where peace, reconciliation, human rights, justice and participatory governance can be established in order to stimulate social and economic development in communities. This approach helps to reduce some of the negative and destructive impacts characteristic of conflict-prone regions.

The key to the success of ANPeJ initiatives lies in its approach, namely, the use of peace monitors and mediators comprising individuals respected by society as sensitive and neutral intermediaries. This system relies on the provision of regular conflict management training for the peace monitors and mediators. Whilst focusing on essential aspects of conflict resolution and peace building, the ANPeJ training modules/methodologies emphasize the issues of justice and human rights. The training is only a means to an end. At the end of the training, the monitors are equipped with tools with which they carry out crucial field intervention work.

ANPeJ is currently developing a project that focuses on building local capacities for conflict management in the Niger Delta region as a follow-up to the successful pilot projects in Lagos State. ANPeJ is also developing a conflict map for Nigeria. These are interesting areas of work that it hopes to bring to national attention as the projects are being implemented.